How to Increase Efficiency with a Developer Checklist

Software project tasks, such as adding a new feature or fixing a bug, are often described in a ticket system. It's easy to read the ticket description and then jump right into coding the solution. However in order to work efficiently, there are a number of things to consider at different times while working on a ticket.

When working on your next ticket consider checking off each item in the following checklist. This will allow you to be a more effective developer.


Make sure the ticket is:

  1. well defined
  2. finite and has a definition of what it means to be done
  3. limited in scope and only focused on one task
  4. complete with assets
  5. considering edge cases
  6. needed. What is the ultimate goal? Is this the right goal?

When considering approaches, think about:

  1. evaluating proposed solutions
  2. Occam’s Razor (simple, not complex)
  3. deployment plan


While working on a ticket, be aware of:

  1. biting off too much
  2. blockers
  3. time spent
  4. spinning wheels
  5. scope creep
  6. security implications


Review your work for:

  1. readability
  2. naming conventions and consistent styles
  3. adequate tests
  4. documentation/comments
  5. code citizenship. Leave it better than you found it.
  6. compatibility with production. Ask will this break anything?

Have something to add to this checklist? Please leave a comment letting us know!