Inaugural NovaNode Meetup to be Hosted at

SpanishDict is looking forward to hosting the first meetup of the new NovaNode meetup group. Two outstanding Node.js talks are lined up for the evening. The event will be held on March 20th at 6:30pm at our offices in Arlington, Virginia. For more information be sure to checkout the Meetup event page.

The Emergence of Node.js on the Web

We are supporting the Node.js community here locally because we have been particularly impressed with potential of Node.js to marshall in a new era of scalable, performant, real-time web applications. The event-driven, non-blocking design along with the super-fast V8 engine has yielded phenomenal performance statistics on the systems where we have deployed Node. We are also excited by the possibility of using the same programming language on both the client and server. These advantages unlock the potential for a number of compelling use cases and have propelled Node’s rapid rise in popularity.

The Emergence of Node.js in Virginia

Here in Virginia, just outside of Washington DC, we have seen evidence of Node’s increasing influence. In the first week that we launched the NovaNode meetup group, along with our friends at tixelatedover 50 people joined the group. Developers with expertise in almost every language have signed up with a tremendous amount of curiosity and enthusiasm. Javascript has long been the lingua franca of the browser, so many developers have some familiarity with the language. At the NovaNode meetup, we are looking forward to exploring, demoing, testing, using, critiquing and sharing new developments in the world of Node. Be sure to check the NovaNode Meetup page for more information on this and future events.